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What Causes Enlarged Kidney

What Causes Enlarged Kidney

Enlarged kidney is a severe disease, and it can damage patients’ health severely. To avoid getting this disease, it is necessary for people to learn what can cause enlarged kidney.

Enlarged kidney is mainly cased by hydronephrosis and cyst. Thereby, the ingredients that can cause these diseases are the major reasons of enlarged kidney.

Causes of hydronephrosis

The causes of of hydronephrosis can be divided into the primary and the secondary.

The primary reasons mainly occur in the urinary tract, such as narrow urinary tract, urinary twist, and non-function in some parts of urinary tract.

The secondary reasons are multifarious. such as kidney stone, injury in kidney, tumour in urinary tract, damage in kidney caused by inflammation, etc.

Causes of cyst

·Genetic inheritance: This mainly appears in patients with PKD, and most PKD patients get their disease from their parents.

·Congenital dysplasia: kidney cyst caused by congenital dysplasia mainly presents as medullary sponge kidney and dysplastic PKD. This is different from genetic inheritance, because there is no problem in patients’ gene.

·Infection: Infection can change the internal circumstance of body, and it may make the circumstance become in favor of the growth of kidney cyst. On the other hand, infection in any part of body can be transported to kidneys through blood, and then promote the progression of kidney cyst. Thereby, infection has an important influence in the formation of cyst.

·Toxins: Toxins can damage organs in our body, and it is a common cause of gene mutation. These functions of toxins may cause kidney cyst to us.

·Diet: Our diet has a significant influence on our health, so bad habits of eating may cause many diseases to us. Kidney cyst may be caused by diet in some conditions, such as often eat dirty diet, have dietary bias, and has no restriction in eating, and so on.

·Fatigue: If people take high-load work for long time, it may cause disease to them. Or if people have high-pressure mind for long time, they are also easy to have health problems.

Besides, some other ingredients like emotion, gestation, gene mutation, etc, can also cause kidney cyst.

As a result, enlarged kidney can be caused by many reasons. To keep body health, people should pay attention to their lifestyle. Only when people have good life habits can they get away from the risk of having enlarged kidney.

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