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Immune Test

More than 95% of kidneys relate to immune system disorder. Thereby, immune test helps to find the primary cause of kidneys and detect the very beginning sign of kidney damage.

Antoantibody Test: This test including more than 10 lab values, such as ANA, Anti-dsDNA, Anti-Smith, Anti-SS-A, Anti-SS-B, Anti-RNP, Anti-Jo-1, Scl-70, Anti-MPO, Protease 3, Anti-Ro-52, Anti-M2 Antibody, Anti-PM-ScI Antibody, Anti-ACA, Anti-PCNA Antibody, Anti-histone Antibody, Anti-Rib-P Antibody. The test helps to figure out: whether your kidney damages are caused by autoimmune disorder, how serious your autoimmune disease is and specific drugs and cleaning method to deal with the excessive antibodies in your body.

Lymphocyte Subpopulation Test: Lymphocyte Subpopulation plays an important role in monitoring human's immune system condition, cellular immunity and humoral immunity. This test helps to find your CD4, CD8, B cells, NK cells, CD4/CD8, Cyclosporine Blood Concentration Prediction, Antigen. Subpopulation test helps monitor the effectiveness of kidney disease treatment you are taking and monitors your immune system and help you decide whether, when, how to start immune treatment and other therapies to prevent infections.

Complement in Blood Serum Test: Complements tests are performed to determine whether deficiencies or abnormalities in the complement system are causing, or contributing to, a patient's disease or condition.

When you are suspected to have an immune complex-related condition which usually indicates immune disease or kidney disease, complement testing may be ordered. The tests helps doctor check the status of patient's complement system.

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