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How Can I Find a Right Treatment for Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive Nephropathy effects especially on kidneys and blood pressure. Kidney problems and high blood pressure are a vicious circles. How to find a right treatment is very import.

How to find a right treatment?

The recommended treatmetns are suggested to have the following effects at least:

- Expand various renal arterioles. Glomerulus capillaries stand in ischemia and anoxia due to the Hypertensive irritation. The aim to expand arterioles is to improve the blood supply for various systems in renal blood circulation, to alleviate the ischemia and anoxia status of renal inherent cells, which supplies a good environment for endothelial cells’ recovery.

- Degradation, the augmentation of inflammatory cells in glomerulus capillary will incur excessive secretion of extracellular matrix

- Anti-coagulation: reduce the microthrombus development in glomerulus capilleries, make a foundation for endothelial cells’ recovery.

- Anti–inflammation: reduce the infiltration from inflammatory cells, avoid inflammatory factors’ damage to endothelial cells.

For the medical applications, the scientific ways should be the combination or comprehensive use between Chinese and western medicines. Do not use Chinese medicine or western medicine lonely, because there are some restrictions on the curative effect for a single method.

Why does proteinuria relapse frequently?

Common treatment is to depressurize or use drugs for merely eliminating Proteinuria and just treat related symptoms and not cure the damaged glomerulus endothelial cells, therefore the nidus still exist and develop constantly which is the reason that your disease relieves and aggravates, unable to cure over time and turn to be chronic development.

How to stop the annoying relapse?

Just as mentioned above, conventional treatment mainly focus on the elimination of proteinuria, which is proven not to solve the problem. The crux of protein leakage exists in the impairment of endothelial cells. Therefore, the recovery of endothelial cells is the priority for the treatment.

For the drugs application, we do not use single Chinese medicine or western medicine lonely, whereas we insist on the control function of western medicine but give more importance to Chinese medicine to restore endothelial cells, so that the curative effect is quite satisfactory.

Usually, the combined therapies make a better outcome of treatment effects than that of single one. But, the basis is that you should find a professional hospitals or at least a professional doctor.

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