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Hypertensive Nephropathy With Low Hemoglobin Level and High Creatinine Level

Q: My father has high blood pressure for more than 35 years. His urine output is normal. However, 3 month back the creatinine level is 5.44 and now it is 6.79. And the doctor recommend dialysis. By far, he is on Dialysis for one week. Please find the attached reports of my father & guide me on it please.Thanks & regards.

A: Thanks for your inquiry. I have saw your father’s medical report. And his kidney damage is caused by his high blood pressure, and this disease is known as Hypertensive Nephropathy.

Here are some suggestions for his condition and I hope it is helpful for him.

His hemoglobin is lower than normal. This suggest he has renal anemia. Does he often feel tired? Kidney is the main organ to discharge out the metabolic product (toxins) in our body. During renal failure, there toxins will accumulated in patient's body. And these toxins will shorten the life time of red blood cells. In addition, our kidneys also can secrete erythropoietin which can promote the product of red blood cells, but when our kidney is damaged, this function will also decline. Both of these factor can cause anemia.

There is red blood cells and protein in your father's urine. In medicine this can be named as Hematuria and Proteinuria, which are the result of damaged Kidney filtration membrane.

The main abnormality is high serum creatinine, uric acid which are kinds of metabolic product. This suggest there are lots of toxins accumulated in his body.

Long time hypertension also can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so how is his heart condition? I suggest your father take the test of Cardiac Markers which contain sensitive troponin and NT-proBNP.

The main damaged part of kidney during Hypertensive Nephropathy is renal afferent arteriole. To repair the damaged kidney tissues, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested, which helps improve kidney function and lower high blood pressure naturally. For more help, please leave a message below.

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