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High Blood Pressure&Kidney Failure GFR 9: How to Get Rid of Dialysis

High Blood Pressure&Kidney Failure GFR 9: How to Get Rid of Dialysis"Hi, my husband is 44 years old and has been diagnosed with Kidney Failure due to high blood pressure. Now, he has gfr 9 and on Dialysis 3 times per week. Plz advise on remedy to help him get rid of dialysis. Thanks!" If you have similar request as this lady, you can read on to find answer in this article or chat with our online doctor directly for helpful advice!

Answer: Hello, Madam, we have got your message. It's our pleasure to offer suggestions that may be useful for your husband to live a normal life with Kidney Failure no dialysis.

Actually, high blood pressure is the second leading cause of renal failure. It causes scarring of the renal tissues. As the blood pressure increases, the kidneys try to compensate for the elevating pressure. Scar tissue accumulates over the courses of months and years until the kidneys' normal function is damaged. Without effective treatment, the kidneys will eventually fail. Dialysis or a Kidney Transplant becomes necessary.

As you said, your husband's current gfr is 9. This level can be improved with prompt treatment. Do not worry. Please Email us at with more information about his disease. Does he have other diseases or health issue? When did he start dialysis? Our nephrologists will analyse his condition and suggest the best treatment plan. Then, we can reply you with more specific advice.

Chinese medicine provides your husband with new hope to get rid of dialysis. Clear Blood Pollution Therapy is recommended. This is the latest treatment for kidney disease. Different from renal replacement therapy, Clear Blood Pollution Therapy can work to stop the decline of gfr level and maximally improve the kidney function. As a natural remedy for Kidney Failure and gfr 9, this remedy can guarantee better quality of life and curative effects.

As long as your husband's gfr 9 can be improved to 15 or above, he can get rid of dialysis and live a fulfill, productive life. Whenever you have any question about Kidney Failure management, feel free to Contact Us.

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