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6 Common Symptoms of Hypertensive Nephropathy

6 Common Symptoms of Hypertensive NephropathyIf you have experienced high blood pressure for many years, you may be at a high risk of Hypertensive Nephropathy. The following 6 common symptoms can reveal the onset of Hypertensive Nephropathy.

The first one is foamy urine

Foamy urine indicates protein leakage in the urine. Exposure to high pressure for a long time, glomerular filtration membrane which consists of capillaries will be damaged. Then, a large amount of protein will leak from the kidney into urine. In turn, protein leakage will cause further kidney damage, and then, patients’ kidney condition may be worsened easily.

The second one is swelling

Swelling or edema usually occurs along with protein leakage for Hypertensive Nephropathy patients. In the early stage, swelling may only present around patients eyelid or ankles, but with the aggravation of patients’ condition, it may be throughout the whole body.

The third one is frequent urination, especially at night.

Because high blood pressure can damage the renal tubule easily, the kidney reabsorption function will be destroyed. Then, frequent urination especially at night occurs easily.

The forth one is hypoproteinemia

As a lot of protein leaks into the urine, the amount of protein in the blood will decrease correspondingly. Then, hypoproteinemia may appear.

The fifth one is blood urine

In addition to proteinuria, blood urine is another common urine change. If patients have this symptom, they had better have more rest in bed.

The sixth one is hyperlipemia

Because kidneys can not regulate cholesterol and triglyceride normally, hyperlipemia will occur easily.

The above are some common symptoms of Hypertensive Nephropathy. If you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms, you can tell your doctor or doctor online to determine how to manage these problems. If you need, we are glad to try our best to help you.

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