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Creatinine 3.8 and Kidney Shrinkage Caused by Hypertensive Nephropathy

In recent decades, the incidence of Hypertensive Nephropathy is on the rise. If poorly controlled, it will lead to a number of problems. And you can learn something about creatinine 3.8 and kidney shrinkage caused by this disease.

Usually, kidneys can maintain the normal operation of our body in many aspects. Such as, purify the blood, regulate blood pressure, produce urine and so on. However, years of uncontrolled high blood pressure will cause damage to these two bean-shaped organs. With time, a number of changes will occur. Creatinine 3.8 and kidney shrinkage are just two of the common changes.

From a medical point of view, creatinine 3.8 is in CKD stage 3. Luckily, this stage is still reversible. As for kidney shrinkage, it is a result of hypoxia-ischemia state of kidneys.

In most cases, doctors will prescribe medicines for these patients to relieve the symptoms and delay the progression of hypertensive nephropathy. However, the efficacy is not that satisfactory. Because these drugs fail to deal with the underlying cause correctly.

Then, what should patients do? At our Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, experts in this fileld recommend sufferers with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. As a kind of natural therapy, it will not bring adverse effects to the body. More importantly, it can help improve hypoxia-ischemia state of kidneys and restore kidney function, so it can help attain a better therepeutic effect. In this way, creatinine 3.8 and kidney shrinkage can be well managed. Wanna to learn more? Please email us the medical report to get an individualized treatment plan.

In addition to this remedy, they also need to pay attention to the following contents:

1. Quit smoking and drinking, avoid to stay up late and take regular exercises.

2. Eat less creatine supplements, such as beef and mutton. Control the intake of protein, salt, fat, potassium, phosphorus, etc strictly.

3. Keep a positive attitude towards life and atively cooperate with the doctors.

Keep in mind the above advice and we believe your creatinine 3.8 and kidney shrikage caused by hypertensive nephropathy can be improved largely. Wish you a good day!

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