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Can People with Hypertension Kidney Disease Eat Chocolate

Hypertension kidney disease,chocolateHypertension kidney disease is also called hypertensive nephropathy. This kidney problem is always caused by severe or chronic high blood pressure. Many foods may elevate the blood pressure. Can people with hypertension kidney disease eat chocolate?

Some people say that chocolate may help improve blood pressure, is that true?

Yes, but with limitations.

Scientists have discovered that the antioxidant flavonoids in chocolate can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, and may increase HDL (“good” cholesterol).

Dark chocolate contains more than double the amount of flavonoids as milk chocolate, and — another strike against milk chocolate — the addition of milk may stop the intestines from absorbing the flavonoids. So if you’re going to eat chocolate, choose a variety that is at least 70 percent dark chocolate.

All in all, if you have high blood pressure only, choosing right chocolate may not have bad effects on your condition. But it doesn’t go for conditions of Kidney Disease caused by high blood pressure.

Chocolate are rich in phosphorus. Eating high-phosphorus foods such as chocolate can have serious, long-term consequences if you have kidney disease. High levels of phosphorus begin to pull calcium from the bones.

In addition to permanently weakening the bones and making you more vulnerable to fractures, the calcium can deposit in blood vessels, muscles and other areas.

If you have high blood pressure kidney disease, have a talk with your doctors, before you try any kind of chocolate. And your doctors will tell you whether it is harmful and how much can you take.

A 100 g serving of chocolate weighs approximately 3.5 oz. This amount of dark chocolate with 70 to 85 percent cacao solids has 308 mg phosphorus. The same amount of white chocolate has 176 mg -- which is still prohibitively high.

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