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What Diet Should I Follow with Kidney Disease and High Blood Pressure

What Diet Should I Follow with Kidney Disease and High Blood PressureQ: I am a renal disease patient since last 17 years and I am only 29 years old now. And my medical report says my creatinine level is around 2.8. May I know what kind of diet should I follow with Kidney Disease and High Blood Pressure?

A: Thanks for your message and trust for our website. And you said your creatinine level is2.8 right now, as you have been suffering from kidney disease for 20 years. High creatinine level just can tell us his kidneys have be damaged, so what we should do is not just to reduce the creatinine level.

Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscles which should only be discharged by kidney. Creatinine will not increase when kidney was just impaired slightly. And once creatinine rise obviously, kidney is usually damaged more than half. The key treatment of High Creatinine lies in blocking further development of renal fibrosis.Meanwhile repairing pathologic injury of early-stage fibrosis and recovering the normal functional status of renal organization structure, Creatinine will naturally decrease at that time.

Diet for Kidney Disease with High Blood Pressure

As for the Diet, you are suggested to:

- care more about protein foods: high quality protein food is good, and the choice can be fish, chicken, milk, egg white, etc.

- Limit plant protein as they are not easy to be absorbed, such as bean curd, soy-bean milk and soy products.

- Limit the salt intake: in order to protect the kidneys, reduce the work load, salt intake should be less than 7 grams every day.

- Forbidden of stimulating effect of food,such as mustard, onion, ginger, garlic, chili. You can send me the diet you are keeping right now, then I can help you to correct it and tell you which one you should avoid. Email to or you can just leave a message below.

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