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Can High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Cause Foamy Urine

Can High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Cause Foamy UrineFoamy urine may occur due to presence of excessive protein in the urine. Most proteins are too big to pass through the glomeruli, or the kidney filters. When these filters are damaged, the proteins show up in the urine.

How does high blood pressure (hypertension) cause foamy urine?

Under normal conditions, people do not have protein in their urine because structures in the kidneys known as glomeruli filter out proteins so that they can be reused by the body.

High blood pressure, or hypertensive, is a leading cause of kidney disease and Kidney Failure (End-Stage Renal Disease). Long-term elevated blood pressure can cause damage to the blood vessels and filters in the kidney. When the glomeruli get damaged, they are unable to prevent protein from leaving the body in the urine, proteinuria occurs. When the protein from the urine hits the toilet bowl after urination, foamy urine is produced.


Since protein has left the body, the blood can not soak up enough fluid any more, so symptoms such as swelling in the hands, feet, abdomen, or face may occur. This swelling is called edema. These are signs of large protein loss and indicate that Hypertensive Nephropathy has progressed.


People with hypertension and kidney disease should have a good control of blood pressure (below 130/80). Take prescribed medicines (like ACE inhibitor, ARBs, diuretics). Restrict dietary salt and protein. You can also choose Natural Herbs for Foamy Urine.

The above information regarding high blood pressure and foamy urine treatment should be considered as a guideline. One who is diagnosed with hypertensive kidney disease needs to consult a kidney doctor for personalized treatment. You can chat with our online doctor or leave a message in the below for more advice.

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