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High Creatinine Level

How to Neutralize High Creatinine Level 9.0

How to neutralize high creatinine levels in blood? If your creatinine level has increased to 9.0 mg/dl, it must be one dangerous indicator of your kidney function level. In this case, some treatments t...[Read More]

Can Creatinine 2.5 Be Stopped From Increasing Further

Patients with kidney disease will often hear his doctor talking about his creatinine level, which is a reflection of his kidney condition. In fact, if patient with kidney disease has high creatinine, t...[Read More]

How To Reduce Creatinine Levels In Blood Naturally

For patients with kidney disease, a dangerous sign in their body is high creatinine, which often indicates severe kidney damage. Thereby, reducing high creatinine has significant meaning for renal pati...[Read More]

Will kidney Infection Cause Creatinine To Be Slightly Elevated

For patients with kidney disease, a common condition in their body is high creatinine, which often indicates patients condition is very severe. As a result, patients with any kidney problem may have th...[Read More]

What Stage Kidney Disease Is with Creatinine 2.9 and BUN 45

Both creatinine and BUN are two reliable indicators to reflect how well kidneys are functioning. Also, creatinine, compared with BUN is more accurate. If you happen to have creatinine 2.9 and BUN 45, y...[Read More]

How To Reduce Creatinine 2.2 With Stage 3 CKD

For patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD), their kidney function is damaged moderately. Patients creatinine level begins to rise from stage 3 CKD, and as patients kidney function goes down...[Read More]

What If Creatinine Level Is 6.5 And What Are The Treatments

For patient with kidney disease, high creatinine is a very common condition, which often indicates severe damage in patients kidney. Creatinine is a metabolic waste of muscle, and it is a toxin to our ...[Read More]

What Can Lower High Creatinine Levels

For patient with kidney disease, their high creatinine often indicates they have severe damage in their kidney. So, if patients high creatinine can be lowered, that will have important significance to ...[Read More]

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