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High Creatinine Level

Is Cucumber Good for High Levels of Creatinine and Uric Acid

Can cucumber help reduce high levels of creatinine and uric acid? Cucumber is one super vegetable seen commonly in our daily life. Because of its high edible and medicinal value, cucumber has been used...[Read More]

Treatments For High Creatine Levels

Creatinine is an important standard to assess patients kidney function, and high creatinine is dangerous sign for patients with kidney disease. Because if high creatinine is due to kidney damage, that ...[Read More]

Diet For 2.4 Creatinine Level

Creatinine level 2.4 means patients already have obvious damage in their kidney, and patients should take measures positively to protect their left kidney function and overall health. Diet can make a s...[Read More]

What Can Cause High Levels Of Creatinine In Blood

Creatinine level has significant meaning in diagnosing patients kidney condition, and high creatinine often indicate severe damage in patients kidney. Creatinine is a product which should be filtrated ...[Read More]

At What Serum Creatinine Level Dialysis Is Required

For patients with kidney disease, creatinine level is an important reflection of their kidney function. As a matter of fact, the higher patients creatinine level is, the severer kidney damage patient h...[Read More]

Can Serum Creatinine Be Lowered Naturally

For patients with kidney disease, a common problem they have to deal with is high creatinine, which is mainly caused by kidney damage. Kidney has the function of filtration, so the metabolic wastes in ...[Read More]

What Happens If Serum Creatinine Level Is High

For patients with kidney disease, a problem they have to deal with is high creatinine. High creatinine can be caused by many factors, but in most cases they will be temporary. For patients with kidney ...[Read More]

What Causes High Creatinine Levels

For patients with kidney disease, a condition they have to deal with is high creatinine levels in their body. Creatinine is a metabolic product of muscle, which is toxic to our body, and it should be f...[Read More]

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