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Increased Creatinine 2.3 and BUN is 77, How to Treat it

Creatinine and BUN are important tests to measure the health of human body. When they are out of the normal range, it is always to indicate healthy problems. However, increased creatinine and BUN may indicate mild problems which can be easily handled with and may also say severe underlying conditions which needs immediate medical treatments as soon as possible.

What’s the normal range of creatinine and BUN level?

Normal creatinine levels are different for different people, because what constitutes normal for each people is based on several factors. Generally speaking, the referenced ranges are from 0.5~1.0mg/dL in women and 0.7~1.2mg/dL in men.

A normal range for blood urea nitrogen is generally 8 to 24 mg/dL for adult men (2.86 to 8.57 mmol/L) and 6 to 21 mg/dL (2.14 to 7.50 mmol/L) for adult women.

What does increased creatinine 2.3 and BUN 77 mean?

Generally, either Increase creatinine level or high blood urea nitrogen level indicate that your kidneys cannot work functionally. When creatinine level increases permanently, it usually means that more than half of kidney function has gone.

If the BUN result is higher than 50mg/dL, your doctor usually recommend you to take further tests about your kidney conditions, in case of kidney damage.

Both of creatinine 2.3 mg/dL and BUN 77 mg/dL can be the signs of Kidney Disease, thereby, individuals with similar conditions are suggested to take further tests for a final diagnosis. There is test list for this condition, if you need, please leave your contact email below and you can expect to get a reply within 2 business days.

How to treat it?

It is important for individual to find the cause of High Creatinine Level and High BUN Level, before he or she takes any treatment. Finding the cause will help your doctor to make a right treatment plan for you.

Anyway some natural ways are suggested to lower increase creatinine level and BUN level, which is always safe in mose cases, even before you get a final diagnosis. If you need any help, please leave a message below or email to

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