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Alternative Treatment to Dialysis for 52 Year Old Patient with Creatinine Level 5.2

Q: My mother age is 52. she is having Kidney Disease for 6~7 years. I was told that her creatinine level is 2.5 in past and now it is 5.2. Dr. told us to go for fistula and should think about transplant. My mom is diabetic and hypertension patient. Is there any possible way to get kidneys back? any way to get creatinine level down? Please do reply.

You left message to us about your mom's case, there is other alternative for her. We can talk on phone, what is your phone and when will be ok for you to talk? It is not homeopathic treatment, it is Immunotherapy.

Among these treatments, Chinese herb medicine is the basic one, it is quite different from traditional administration. This therapy is made from Chinese herb medicines, and processed into tiny particles. They can penetrate into kidney by acupoints in waist area. Every day this therapy give 2-3times as per patient's reaction. Each session takes 45mins around.

Briefly speaking, the active ingredients can improve body's sensitivity to insulin, decrease blood viscosity and promote blood circulation in kidney area, repair the balance between NO and endothelin from endothelial cells, so blood pressure can be improved and those inflammatory factors and harmful materials deposition in kidney could be dissolved. Renal cells can get protected, so renal function could be protected and improved. It mainly focus below aspects:

1. dilate blood vessels, our body depends on good blood circulation, so does those renal cells. However, when kidney gets damaged, blood vessels and capillaries can be impaired and shrink, so nutrition could not reach renal cells. By expanding blood vessels, renal cells can be protected.

2. anti-inflammation, when renal cells get damaged. a lot of inflammation can happen over there cause more renal tissue get damage, so this must be restrained, actually Chinese medicine will be used together with western medicine.

3. anti-coagulation, if there is too much inflammatory factors and cellular factors, blood viscosity can increase, that is quite easy to cause thrombosis.

4. decompose those immune complex and proliferative matrix, their deposition can cause further shortness of blood supply to those renal cells.

More than 85% patients can have obvious improvement during hospitalization in the whole body, especially for the below systems:

1. peripheral system, patient's face can flush, hand and foot can become warm, itching can alleviate, dry skin begin to sweat.

2. gastrointestinal tract system, patient's appetite can increase, intestinal wriggle can speed up, constipation can improve, bad mouth taste can disappear.

3. urinary system, cotton-like material and stone can be found in urine, urine smell, color and volume can increase.

4. central nerve system, sleep quality can increase, consciousness become clear.

This is a rough answer about the alternative treatment to dialysis for 52 year old lady with High Creatinine Level 5.2. If you need more help, please leave a message below or just contact email to

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