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Can Solidago Virgaurea Help Reduce High Creatinine Level

Can Solidago Virgaurea Help Reduce High Creatinine LevelSolidago virgaurea is also called goldenrod. This herb has been used as herbal tea or herbal medicine for a long time. Some reports said this herb can help deal with nephritis, kidney stone, kidney infections, and so on, while high creatinine level is more likely to be related to kidney disease. Is solidago virgaurea helpful to lower creatinine level?

Goldenrod is one natural diuretic, so it can help increase the urine output so as to eliminate more waste products and extra fluid from the body. Creatinine is just one small molecular product generated from muscular metabolism. From this point, solidago virgaurea is still helpful to reduce high creatinine level, if patients can still urinate by themselves.

At present, diabetes is one most common cause of kidney disease especially end stage kidney disease. Then, serum creatinine level increases gradually. This herb has some anti-diabetes substances that can help manage high blood sugar. Therefore, for patients whose high creatinine level is due to diabetes, solidago virgaurea is also able to control creatinine level indirectly.

Can all of patients with high creatinine level take this herb? Of course not, kidney disease patients also have high blood pressure. However, this herb may make the body collect more sodium that can worsen high blood pressure. Besides, if patients are taking other diuretic medicines or allergic to it, they should also pay highly attention to the consumption of solidago virgaurea.

If you are also suffering from high creatinine level, only depending on this herb is not enough. If you want to get more therapeutic effects from herbal medicines and reduce your high creatinine level safely, you had better tell us how high your creatinine level is and whether you have other problems. Therefore, we can prescribe correct herbal medicines for you.

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