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Home Remedies for High Creatinine 6.74 mg/dl

Home Remedies for High Creatinine 6.74 mg/dlElevated creatinine level can be caused by many reasons such as dehydration, heart disease and floated blood pressure. Among them, kidney disease is the leading cause of high creatinine level. Today, we mainly talk about home remedies for high creatinine 6.74 mg/dl due to chronic kidney disease.

1. Dietary remedy

For kidney patients, creatinine 6.74 mg/dl may indicate patients’ illness condition has aggravated into end stage kidney disease. To prevent serum creatinine level from rising, patients had better eat more vegetables and fruits which are low in potassium and limit the meat intake.

2. Scientific exercise plan

Creatinine is produced during muscular metabolism, so strenuous exercise or a large amount of exercise may cause the increase of creatinine level in the blood. From this point, patients with high creatinine 6.74 had better do some gentle exercise such as walking, Tai Chi and yoga. If high creatinine 6.74 is due to PKD, patients may need to avoid yoga.

3. Herbal tea

Diuretic is one medication that can stimulate the kidney to produce more urine, so as to take away more waste products and toxins. Some herbal tea also has diuretic property including dandelion root, nettle leaf, salvia and corn silk. However, if patients can’t urinate, they should avoid these types of tea.

4. Medicated Bath

Medicated Bath is one home remedy that should be done with the guidance of TCM doctors, because some herbal medicines should be added into bath water. This therapy can help improve blood circulation and prompt sweating. Therefore, more creatinine can be excreted through skin, so as to reduce the burden on kidneys.

Many other home remedies can also help lower high creatinine level, but they are unable to replace medical therapies. If they want to lower it from the root, some other treatments that can reverse kidney damage are also needed. To learn more about them, you can leave a message in the form below. Kidney doctors here will send information what you want in detail for free.

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