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Recommended Fruits and Avoided Fruits for High Creatinine Level

High Creatinine Level,FruitsQ: My daughter’s creatinine is 5.4. It has been elevated for several months now. Is there any recommended fruits and avoided ones for high creatinine level?

A: Thank you for your inquiry, madam. High creatinine level is the sign of kidney function decline. Thereby, high creatinine level patients are suggested to consume the fruits that help lower the burden of kidneys and avoid the ones that aggravate kidney damages.

Recommended fruits

In people who has high creatinine levels, kidney fails to remove the waste material from the body. Hence avoiding further damage becomes urgently necessary. Normally, people with high creatinine levels are recommended to have small regular meals, do energy-increasing physical activities and eat a low calorie diet. The fruit that is low in protein, sodium, potassium and phosphorus counts are suggested.

And the following are the common recommended fruits for patients with Kidney Disease.

- Apples, Red grapes, Cranberries, Blueberries, raspberries, Strawberries,Strawberries, Cherries

Avoided fruits

Helping kidneys to control serum creatinine by eating a sensible diet is an important part of managing chronic kidney disease(CKD). Being careful about what is eaten can reduce the amount of fluid and waste build-up, helping to minimise symptoms and side effects of kidney problems.

The following fruits are suggested to avoided for them high in sodium or phosphorus or potassium etc.

- bananas, orange, mango, grape fruit, kiwi, melon, nectarines, apricots, papaya, prunes, raisins

- cantaloupe, figs, guava, melon, passion fruit, pear, persimmon, prunes

Whether your daughter’s favorite food is good for your kidneys to lower high creatinine levels? If her fruit choice is not mentioned above, you are suggested to mail to for specific answer.

If you have interest in the fruits for high creatinine levels, you are suggested to leave your own info below and we are glad to offer an personalized fruit list for you.

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