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Can I Eat Beans with High Creatinine Levels

Can I Eat Beans with High Creatinine LevelsCan I eat beans with high creatinine level? High creatinine level can result from various reasons. Kidney disease is the leading cause of elevated creatinine level in the blood. Is there any link between bean consumption with increase of creatinine level?

High creatinine level

If your creatinine level is higher than 1.3 mg/dl, you will be told you have high creatinine level. Strenuous exercise, overwork, dehydration, infections, kidney damage, etc, all can be reasons for elevated creatinine level. Causes except kidney disease can be reversed by modification of diet and lifestyle. If high creatinine level is due to kidney disease, read on to find out whether you can eat beans.

Can people with high creatinine levels eat beans?

Creatinine is generated from creatine, which is found in many high-protein foods like fish, beef and chicken. Bean is honored as the best plant protein, because the quality of protein in bean is just like that in animal meat. Fortunately, beans don’t contain too much creatine, so it won’t cause the increase of creatinine levels in blood.

Additionally, bean is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and some other minerals. It is one food with high potassium, high magnesium but low sodium in our daily life. However, kidney disease patients may develop high potassium or phosphorus level especially in the end stage. Then, because of these minerals, kidney patients have to avoid or at least limit the intake of bean.

From the above analysis, we can know people with high creatinine level should pay highly attention to their bean consumption. Correct amount of bean can provide you with adequate levels of protein. Otherwise, it may cause some side effects or worsen your illness condition. Consult the doctor online to determine how much bean you can eat safely.

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