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Can Serum Creatinine Be Lowered Naturally

Can Serum Creatinine Be Lowered NaturallyFor patients with kidney disease, a common problem they have to deal with is high creatinine, which is mainly caused by kidney damage.

Kidney has the function of filtration, so the metabolic wastes in patient’s body can be filtrated out. While when patient’s kidney function is low, there will be lots of wastes accumulating in patient’s blood, and then it will also cause patient to have high creatinine. Thereby, reducing high creatinine level has significant meaning to patient’s body condition.

What is the common method to reduce high creatinine?

To reduce high creatinine, there are two major methods. One is improving patient’s kidney function, and the other is choose kidney replacement treatment.

In treating kidney disease, western medicine is the most popular way in most places of the world, and to reduce high creatinine, dialysis is the most effective way to reach that effect. But as we know, dialysis is a therapy that can bring many side effects, and they can cause many suffering feelings in patient’s body. Besides, dialysis will take blood outside out patient’s body, and the shortage of blood flow in kidney can also cause damage, so patient’s kidney function will also go down gradually.

Can serum creatinine be lowered naturally?

If patient wants to reduce his creatinine level naturally, his kidney function should be improved.

In western medicine, the treatment mainly aims at controlling patient’s condition, which is achieved by solving patient’s single health problem. And improving kidney function mainly relies on diet regulation and patient’s self-repairing ability, but the effect is not very good.

Comparing with western medicine, Chinese medicine is more suitable for improving patient’s kidney function. Chinese medicine is good at treating disease systemically, which can reach the effect of improving patient’s body function in this process. Besides, Chinese medicine is famous for its effect of promoting the blood circulation and removing the stasis, which can make a well internal circumstance for repairing the damaged kidney structure. Then, by the effective regulation of Chinese medicine, patient’s kidney function can be improved gradually. As a result, patient’s high creatinine will be reduced naturally.

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