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Can Exercise Reduce Creatinine Level in blood


Can Exercise Reduce Creatinine Level in bloodCan exercise reduce creatinine level in blood? In normal condition, serum creatinine level should fluctuate in the range 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Both high creatinine level and low creatinine level imply physical problems, so trying to control creatinine level in normal range is very important. Well, can exercise help to reduce creatinine level in blood?

In our daily life, there are many factors that can cause elevation of creatinine level in blood and the most common one is kidney disease. Kidney is responsible for filtering blood, so decline of kidney function always cause buildup of creatinine in the blood. Generally speaking, when creatinine level increases to about 5, patients are suggested to do dialysis or kidney transplant. Therefore, for kidney disease patients, keeping creatinine level in a lower level is very significant.

Creatinine is the end product of meat, including muscle, so a sudden drastic physical exercise may cause sudden increase of creatinine level. However, for healthy people, creatinine level usually goes back to normal range again after a period of time and this is because excess creatinine in blood are excreted through kidney. However, for kidney disease patients, damaged kidney can not work as well as a healthy kidney, so the excretion for creatinine is very low. Under such a condition, creatinine accumulated in the blood can not be removed timely. As a consequence, serum creatinine becomes higher than before. For this reason, kidney disease patients are always suggested to avoid doing strenuous exercises. However, this does not mean kidney disease patients should stay in bed all the time.

Mild physical exercise is very health-beneficial. It not only helps to strengthen immunity, but also promote blood circulation. For kidney disease patients, due to wastes accumulated in the blood, blood circulation becomes poor, and this reduce bloodstream in kidney indirectly. A better blood circulation is a the basic for kidney to get enough nutrition and oxygen from blood, so regular mild physical exercises like walking, playing Tai Chi and riding bike is very good for kidney disease patients.

Lastly, although mild physical exercise is helpful, but high creatinine level can not be lowered to the normal range just through exercise for kidney disease patients. In cases of kidney problem, creatinine level increases due to impaired kidney function. Under such a condition, without improving kidney function, creatinine level can not be controlled in normal range fundamentally and permanently.

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