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Is It Possible To Bring Creatinine Level Down

Is It Possible To Bring Creatinine Level DownIs it possible to bring creatinine level down? Patients with kidney disease may be curious about this aspect. As we know, creatinine level is a common way to measure patients’ kidney condition, and high creatinine means patients have kidney damage. So it is normal for patients to have this question.

What can we know from creatinine level?

To know whether it is possible to bring creatinine level down, it is necessary for patients to understand the meaning of creatinine level.

Creatinine is the product of muscles, and it is a toxin to our body. In normal condition, almost all of the creatinine produced in our body will be excreted out in the same day, while our body will produce creatinine continuously at the same time, so the creatinine level in our blood can be kept in a stable range.

While our kidney has strong compensation, and no problem will be caused by kidney damage until more than half kidney is damaged. It is also to say patients already have severe kidney damage if they have continuous high creatinine level.

Is it possible to bring creatinine level down?

Creatinine level is just an indication of patients’ kidney condition, and it is mainly decided by patients’ glomerular filtration rate (GFR). As long as patients’ GFR is elevated, patients’ high creatinine level will be brought down. While GFR is the reflection of patients’ kidney function, the more nephrons are damaged, the lower patients’ creatinine level will be.

So the key point of this question is whether patients’ kidney function can be improved, and it is also to say whether the damaged nephrons can be repaired.

In fact, it is possible to repair the damaged nephrons, but it is hard or impossible to repair the necrotic nephrons. In fact, most of nephrons in patients with high creatinine are in a damaged state, which is also to say it is possible to bring patients’ creatinine level down.

To bring down the creatinine level, patients will need to take measures in their diet, life habit and treatment, while that needs to be done under the doctor’s guidance. While if you have any doubt, you can also consult our online experts, and we are willing to help you.

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