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What To Do If You Have Elevated Creatinine

What To Do If You Have Elevated CreatinineCreatinine is a common standard to judge patients’ kidney condition, and if patients find they have elevated creatinine, they may know they already have severe kidney damage. As a result, what should patients do in this condition?

Once patients find they have elevated creatinine, they should take measures in three aspects. They are their treatment, diet and life habits.

What can patients do in their treatment?

If patients’ elevated creatinine is caused by their kidney damage, it means patients’ condition is already very severe. Thereby, patients should see a renal doctor as soon as possible, and they should cooperate with their doctor’s arrangement positively. Besides, to control their condition, it is necessary for patients to have regular examination.

On the other hand, there is a big difference between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Western medicine is good at symptomatic treatment, and it is suitable to use this therapy to treat complications. While traditional Chinese medicine is good at treating disease systematically, and this therapy is perfect in repairing patients’ kidney function. Thereby, patients should seek for other methods in treating their disease, except for the therapies they are familiar with.

What can patients do in their diet?

Diet is important in improving patients’ health condition, so they must be careful in what they eat. For example, protein is a very important nutrient for body health, while it can produce many metabolic wastes, which need to be excreted out by patients’ kidneys. As a result, excess amount of protein can also cause damage to patients’ kidneys.

It is better for patients to ask for help from their doctor and renal dietitian in making their eating plan, because the needed amount of nutrients will be different as patients’ condition changes.

What should patients do in their life habit?

Our life habits can make a significant influence in our health, and it is also applicative to patients with kidney disease.

Patients with elevated creatinine should make themselves have good life habit, which will be a great help for their recovery. For example, they should take appropriate amount of exercise, which can promote their blood circulation and improve patents’ overall health. Besides, good emotion can improve patients’ immunity, which is very beneficial to patients’ health condition.

As we know, elevated creatinine stands for a severe kidney damage condition. While infection can aggravate patients’ condition greatly. If patients form good life habits, at least, the risk of disease’ aggravation will be reduced to a large extent.

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