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Is Creatinine level 1.8 High

Is Creatinine level 1.8 HighIs creatinine level 1.8 high? This is a question we have received from the visitor to our website. In fact, many people may have heard creatinine level is a method to measure patients’ kidney condition, but they may not know what creatinine level means.

Creatinine is the product of muscles. It can be produced by the muscles of ourselves, and it can also be gotten from the meat we eat. Creatinine is a metabolic waste to our body, and almost all creatinine will be excreted out by our kidneys in the same day. Muscles will produce creatinine continuously, and our kidneys will excrete it out continuously, so the creatinine level in our blood changes in a stable range.

The normal creatinine level in man is 0.6~1.2ml/min, and it is 0.5~1.1ml/min in woman. In fact, it may not mean a person has kidney problem if the lab test indicates his creatinine level is high, because the creatinine level will rise after people just have strenuous exercise, or people just have eaten much meat. Thereby, if people or patients have creatinine level 1.8 in this condition, their condition may not be severe.

Besides, creatinine level can not reflect patients’ early kidney lesion, because our kidneys have strong compensation, if any part is damaged, other parts will replace this part to complete our kidneys’ work. In fact, our creatinine level will not rise until more than half kidney function is damaged. Thereby, if patients have 1.8 creatinine level in this condition, which is caused by patients’ kidney lesion, their condition is very severe in this time, and this meas patients already have kidney failure. Besides, it is worth mentioning that kidney disease patients will not have obvious symptom until more than three fourths kidney function is damaged.

If patients have 1.8 creatinine level caused by the kidney damaged, patients should accept treatments as early as possible. Because kidney failure is a progressive disease, and it is more likely to be controlled in its early stage. the later the treatment begins, the harder to treat this disease is.

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