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What Causes High Creatinine

What Causes High CreatinineCreatinine level is an important standard in medicine to judge patients’ kidney function. Many people know that patients with kidney disease may have a high creatinine level, but they may not know what reasons can cause that. In fact, it is important for kidney disease patients to have a better understanding about their disease.

Why patients have high creatinine?

Creatinine is the product of muscles. It can be produced by the muscles of ourselves, and it may also be gotten from the meat we take. Almost all the creatinine produced will be excreted out in the same day, and the creatinine level in our blood changes in a stable range. Besides, our kidneys have strong compensation, if only more than half of kidney function is normal, our body health will not have any problem, and the creatinine level will be normal as well.

What causes high creatinine?

Thereby, if patients have kidney damage, and when the damaged kidney function is more than 50%, patients will have high creatinine. In this time, patients’ kidneys can not complete their work normally, and the amount of creatinine being produced is more than the amount being excreted. Besides, the high creatinine level is continuous in this condition.

In addition, if people eat too much meat at a time, the creatinine being decomposed from the meat can also increase the creatinine level temporarily.

If patients lose too much fluid, like hidrosis, and drink less water, or patients who have too much urine, these can cause blood to concentrate, which can also cause high creatinine.

Creatinine is the product of muscles, so when people have strenuous exercise, much more creatinine will be produced in this time, and the creatinine level will also rise.

Besides, the creatinine level may also rise when people have fatigue, hypertension. But at this time, all of the creatinine rise is temporary.

Thereby, many reasons can cause high creatinine, but most of them will not take severe damage to patients’ health. But to patients with kidney damage, if their creatinine level is high, their damage is severe and it is progressive in this time, which should be treated positively and seriously.

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