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What Are The Symptoms Of High Creatinine Level


What Are The Symptoms Of High Creatinine Level

What is the meaning of high creatinine level?

Creatinine is the production of muscles, and it is a harmful substance to our body. Almost all the creatinine produced will be excreted through urine in the same day, which makes it a relatively accurate standard in examining kidney function. If a person has kidney disease, his kidney function will be damaged, and the creatinine in his blood can not be excreted normally, so his creatinine level will be higher than normal value.

What are the symptoms of high creatinine level?

Damaged kidney can cause many symptoms, and the symptoms will be more obvious as the damages become more severe.

Patients with high creatinine level may have edema, and this may be the most common symptom in them. Patients will have edema in their lower limbs and around their eyes at the early stage, and at the late stage, patients may have pleural effusion or other kinds of edema, and patients may find it is hard to breath.

Patients with high creatinine level may also have fatigue. Because patients have kidney disease, so the hormones excreted by kidneys will be less, and hemopoietin is one of them. The decrease of hemopoietin will cause the shortage of oxygen that should be supplied to body cells, and our body will feel tired if our body’s metabolism can not progress normally.

Another obvious change in patients with high creatinine level is the urine changes. Patients may find they have foamy urine, and the color may be red, tea color or any other color. This is because there are some substances that should be kept in the blood leaking into the urine. Such as protein, red cells, and so on.

Besides, patients may have many other symptoms, like itch, nausea and vomit, the losing of their appetite and nervous symptoms, etc. Patients may also have cardiovascular problems like hypertension, heart disease, and so on.

High creatinine level means kidneys having damages, so it is normal that patients will have many symptoms. If you are not sure whether your symptom is caused by your kidney disease, you should consult your doctor, or you can also contact our online experts, and we are willing to help you.

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