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How to Lower Creatinine Level in Diet

How to Lower Creatinine Level in DietCreatinine is the metabolic product of creatine and the majority of it is stored within the muscles. When there is abnormal creatinine levels, it means that about 50% of your kidneys are damaged. Many patients with this symptom are always confused about how to lower creatinine levels. The following are recommended methods to solve this problem and delay the progression of kidney damage.

Supplement of protein

High creatinine levels may induce azotemia and renal insufficiency. To control the continuous deterioration of kidney function, the intake of high-quality protein diet is necessary. Foods such as, eggs, milk and tofu are necessary.

Intake of vitamin

Patients with this symptom in renal failure should choose foods that is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2 and Vitamin C. If you are suffering from severe swelling(edema), high blood pressure(hypertension) or even heart failure, the intake of salt should be forbidden strictly.

Avoid creatine supplements

Some foods are rich in creatinine, such as, red meats, high-quality protein foods, animal internal organs and so on. Study shows that the consumption of red meats is harmful to the kidneys.

In addition to diet, patients should avoid smoking and drinking. Because they can cause damage to kidneys and blood vessels, the more drinking and smoking, the greater damage to the kidneys and blood vessels. What’s more, they can also aggravate the renal artery sclerosis and glomerular sclerosis. So patients with this symptom ought to quit smoking and drinking and avoid greater damage to the kidneys.

So the above parts are suggestions to lower creatinine levels. I hope these will be helpful to you. If you have been diagnosed with this symptom, please email us at, we would be happy to hear from your thoughts and comments.

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