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High Creatinine Level

Is Creatinine 16 mg/dl Dangerous

Creatinine 16 mg/dl is severely higher than the normal value, 0.5~1.3mg/dl. If heart failure or serious dehydration is ruled out, creatinine 16 must mean kidney disease has developed into end stage or ...[Read More]

How to Lower High Creatinine for Person Born with One Small Kidney

I am born with one small kidney, and my creatinine level has risen to 6.1 mg/dl. What should I do to lower my high creatinine level? Do you have a similar experience with this patient? If yes, you shou...[Read More]

Cordyceps Helps Lower High Creatinine 5.2

Cordyceps, or winterworm summerherb, is one quite precious Chinese herb. Because its high medicinal value, it has been used widely to treat various diseases including kidney disease. When patients crea...[Read More]

What Is The Easy Way to Reduce Creatinine in Blood

To prevent build up of creatinine and other waste products from damaging kidneys and other organs, some methods should be taken to reduce serum creatinine level. Well, what is the easy way to reduce hi...[Read More]

What Causes High Creatinine Level in Dialysis Patients

Dialysis is one common blood purification method that can help impaired kidneys to excrete small molecular substances including creatinine, urea, uric acid and so on. Therefore, it is abnormal that ser...[Read More]

What Foods Can I Eat to Reduce High Creatinine 4.2

In clinic, high creatinine 4.2 is more likely to reveal patients’ kidney disease has aggravated into moderate or advanced stage. Correct foods can also support the medical treatments. Well then, what...[Read More]

Can Solidago Virgaurea Help Reduce High Creatinine Level

Solidago virgaurea is also called goldenrod. Some reports said this herb can help deal with nephritis, kidney stone, kidney infections, and so on, while high creatinine level is more likely to be relat...[Read More]

Ketosteril Fails to Reduce Creatinine 9.5: What Should I Do

My GFR is 13 ml/min, I am taking 6 ketosteril tablets a day, and my creatinine level is 9.5. However, this medicine fails to lower my creatinine. What other treatments can I take? According to this kid...[Read More]

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