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How to Reduce Creatinine 4.7 and Uric Acid 7

How to Reduce Creatinine 4.7 and Uric Acid 7Creatinine 4.7 and uric acid 7 both are higher than the normal, and they are more likely to be resulted from severe decline of kidney function. To prevent severe problems, patients should try to reduce high creatinine and uric acid level timely.

Firstly, we should make clear the formation of creatinine and uric acid.

Creatinine is generated from creatine during muscle contraction, while creatine can be found in meat and creatine supplement or formed in the body. Normally, kidneys are main creatinine excretory organs.

Uric acid is produced during purine metabolism, and all of uric acid in the blood is filtered through glomeruli. Therefore, uric acid level in the blood is stable for health person.

Effective methods to reduce creatinine 4.7 and uric acid 7

Since creatine and purine are the sources of creatinine and uric acid respectively, patients should limit the intake of foods containing creatine and purine. At the same time, patients should take some treatments to increase the excretion amount of creatinine and uric acid.

In clinic, there are many medicines that can help reduce high creatinine and uric acid level. For example, ketosteril is effective on lowering high creatinine level, while probenecid and sulfonated pyrazole ketones are often used to decline high uric acid level.

Maikang composition is one oral medicine that can improve blood circulation and increase the blood flow into kidneys, so it can stimulate kidneys to remove more waste products including creatinine and uric acid.

Foot Bath is efficient on prompting the sweating and kidney excretion amount, so as to bring away more creatinine and uric acid. In addition to kidneys, skin is another excretory organ.

The above methods can help deal with high creatinine 4.7 and uric acid 7 effectively. Any question about the above content? Leave it in the form below.

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