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High Creatinine Level Treatment

The Best Treatment for High Creatinine Levels in 2015

People who are tested out with high creatinine level must be eager to find an effective treatment option. What is the best treatment to lower high creatinine level? Today, you can find the answer here....[Read More]

Can High Creatinine Level 600 Be Reduced Without Dialysis

Dialysis is the common treatment for high creatinine level. But most patients reject it due to the side effects. Can high creatinine level 600 be reduced without dialysis? The increase of creatinine le...[Read More]

What Will Happen If You Only Focus On Lowering High Creatinine Level

Serum creatinine level 186-442umol/L is in the stage of renal insufficiency, which is the most important period for kidney treatment. If symptoms like proteinuria, high blood pressure can be managed an...[Read More]

What To Do for High Creatinine Level

When protein shows + in your medical report, most kidney patients know it is inflammatory stage and requires timely treatment. At this time, the treatment is for eliminating inflammatory reaction and s...[Read More]

How Do Chinese Medicines Treat High Uric Acid and Creatinine Level

Mr Li was diagnosed with high creatinine level 210umol/L, uric level 700umol/L and blood pressure 150/100mmHg after one time of drinking. He was hospitalized and symptoms disappeared. But his creatinin...[Read More]

How Can I Lower Creatinine 4.1 After Kidney Transplant

If you have creatinine 4.1 after kidney transplant, it means that the new organ has been severely damaged. There are several treatment options for you to lower creatinine. Here is a general introductio...[Read More]

How Is High Creatinine Level 1198umol/L Reduced To 495umol/L

When your creatinine level increases to over 1000umol/L, you must be very nervous. Your doctor may recommend you to take dialysis. Can you image your whole life will be on dialysis? You can not take di...[Read More]

Is Dialysis The Only Option for High Creatinine Level 4.5

When your creatinine level is high, the first treatment in your mind is dialysis and your doctor also tells you dialysis is your only option. Is it true? Are there any other remedies for elevated creat...[Read More]

Lower High Creatinine Level 586 with Natural Treatment

High Creatinine Level is a sign of kidney failure, especially it is in 586umol/L. Kidney failure is in risk and can lead to several complications. What should we do to prevent this damage? Can Natural ...[Read More]

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