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Which Food Increases Creatinine Level In The Blood

Which Food Increases Creatinine Level In The BloodCreatinine is generated from creatine during muscle metabolism. If extra creatinine builds up in the blood, serum creatinine level will increase abnormally. So, patients should avoid some foods which can increase creatinine level. Which food increases creatinine level?

1. High-sodium foods

If patients have elevated creatinine level, it is more likely to reflect decline of kidney function, dehydration, or other problems. No matter which is the underlying cause of high creatinine level, extra intake of sodium will worsen their illness condition, so high-sodium foods can affect creatinine level indirectly.

2. Low-quality protein

Foods rich in low-quality protein can produce more waste products during metabolism that can increase the burden on kidneys a lot. Animal protein is higher in quality than plant protein, so patients had better limit their plant protein intake. However, creatine often appears in meat, so patients with elevated creatinine level should also control their meat intake.

3. High-fat foods

Excessive amount of fat intake can cause blood to flow abnormally. When blood flow is affected, kidneys are unable to filter enough blood in every minute. According, more and more waste chemicals including creatinine accumulate in the blood, raising creatinine level in the blood.

4. Foods rich in alcohol or caffeine

Both alcohol and caffeine can cause damage to kidneys, if patients take in extra amount. In our daily life, alcohol, beer, chocolate, coffee, coco cola, etc, are sources of alcohol and caffeine. In view of this, patients with high creatinine level had better control their consumption of these foods or drinks.

In summary

The above is one general overview of foods that may increase serum creatinine level directly or indirectly. According to the underlying cause, the diet plan is different. If you want to get personal suggestions, you can just leave a message below or consult the doctor online.

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