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Does Eating Peanut Butter Raise High Creatinine Level

Does Eating Peanut Butter Raise High Creatinine LevelPeanut butter is one common condiment in our daily life, while high creatinine level can reveal several healthy disorders and it may be affected by eating foods. Will peanut butter increase serum creatinine level?


As we all know, creatinine forms when muscle contraction, and it is generated from creatine that can be found in various meat and creatine supplement. To reduce high creatinine level, patients should control their meat intake.

Peanut butter for patients with high creatinine level

Peanut butter isn't one source of creatine, so it won't cause serum creatinine level to increase directly. However, this doesn't mean all patients with high creatinine level can consume peanut butter freely. Why? There are two reasons.

The one reason is that peanut butter is often made added with salt or sugar. If high creatinine level is due to kidney problem, patients should also control their intake of sugar and salt for preventing kidney-related problems. In this case, they should stay away from salty condiment or sweet condiment. Then, patients with high creatinine level are required to limit their intake of peanut butter.

The other reason is that peanut butter contains rich protein, but it isn't as high quality as lean meat and egg white. To reduce the production of waste chemicals during protein metabolism, patients can't eat so much peanut or peanut butter to meet their protein need.

From the above analysis, we can know patients with high creatinine level can still eat peanut butter. However, for safety and health, they should make sure the amount of its consumption is suitable for their health condition. If you want to eat peanut butter, you can consult the doctor online or email to Then, kidney experts can give you the answer in detail.

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