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Can I Drink Coffee with High Creatinine Level

Can I Drink Coffee with High Creatinine LevelIf people are tested out high creatinine level, they should choose their drinks carefully. This is because correct drinks can help eliminate creatinine from the blood, while incorrect drinks may worsen patients' condition. Can people with high creatinine level drink coffee?

Coffee is one common drink in our daily life, and many people like to drink one cup of coffee in the morning. However, this doesn't mean coffee is one great drink for these people.

High creatinine level can be caused by many conditions, and kidney disease is the most common cause of elevated creatinine level. In this case, it is more likely to indicate more than 50% of kidney function has been lost. In this case, patients are always suggested to control their intake of coffee.

Although coffee doesn't have any direct effect on serum creatinine level, extra coffee intake can cause burden on kidneys. This is because coffee contains caffeine and oxalate acid. Normally, health kidneys can excrete these substances out of the body, but damaged kidneys are unable to deal with these substances effectively. Therefore, coffee can tax kidneys and affect kidneys' ability to excrete waste chemicals as well as creatinine.

Of course, this doesn't mean patients with high creatinine level can't drink coffee. With kidney problem, patients can still drink coffee, but the amount should be controlled. If you have high creatinine level and love to drink coffee, you can tell us your creatinine and kidney function level. Thereby, kidney doctors here can tell you how much coffee you can drink one day.

In addition to coffee, patients with high creatinine level should also pay highly attention to the amount of alcohol, tea and energy drinks in their daily life. Correct drinks can help them fight against their kidney problem better.

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