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High Creatinine Level Diet

Foods to Lower High Creatinine Level Naturally

If serum creatinine level is higher than the normal value, it is more likely to indicate kidney problem. In this case, patients should take medications and remedies to lower their high creatinine level. In addition to medical therapies, correct...[Read More]

Medically Approved Diet to Reduce Creatinine Level

Diet has a close and direct relationship with humans body health. A healthy and balanced diet plan can help you slow down the progress of high creatinine level, while a wrong or unhealthy eating plan w...[Read More]

Is Green Gram Good for Kidney Disease Patients with Creatinine 4

Creatinine 4 is much higher than the normal range which means severe kidney dmage and poor renal function. Here we ignore the temporary increase in creatinine level because of diet. Creatinine level wo...[Read More]

Foods You Can Eat When Creatinine Level Is High

High Creatinine Level is a common symptom for patients with kidney disease or renal failure. In order to lower its level, patients try using natural remedies. Actually, Diet is one of important part in...[Read More]

What Kind of Protein Is Recommended For Patients with Creatinine 3.0

A renal-friendly diet is very important for patients with high creatinine level, since kidneys cannot work well to filter waste products. Low protein but more high-quality protein is suggested by dieti...[Read More]

What Course Is Recommended for Serum Creatinine 8.1 and HB 7.0

Serum creatinine 8.1 and hb (hemoglobin) 7.0 are both abnormal levels, which mean Kidney Failure. Many patients worry about that wrong diet may aggravate illness condition. So course recommended for Ki...[Read More]

Is Barley Flour Good for Lowering Creatinine 4.7

Barely flour is a fine powder made of ground barley which has been found to be a kidney-friendly food. For patients with creatinine 4.7 level, a healthy diet habit is particularly important for lowerin...[Read More]

Can Patients with Creatinine 707 Eat Pears

Renal Diets often allow chronic kidney disease patients to eat more fruits and vegetables, so as to protect remaining renal function and enhance immunity. Today, follow me and to see whether can patien...[Read More]

Food to Be Avoided for Creatinine 2.5

Creatinine is the waste product of muscle metabolism. If the level reaches to 2.5 mg/dl, it means the kidneys have been moderately damage. Change the diet is helpful reduce burden on kidneys, thus slow...[Read More]

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