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Is Creatinine 459.8 Very High

Is Creatinine 459.8 Very HighIs serum creatinine 459.8 dangerous? As one indicator of kidney function, creatinine level is one big concern for kidney patients, because the increase of creatinine level in the blood usually has a close link with decline of kidney function.

Normal creatinine level

Creatinine includes serum creatinine level and urine creatinine level, but serum creatinine is more reliable to reflect kidney function, so we usually talk about creatinine level in the blood. According to the international new standard, normal creatinine level ranges from 59 to 134 umol/L.

Serum creatinine 459.8

Creatinine level in the blood can reveal the severity of kidney damage. When creatinine level is higher than 133 umol/l, it may indicate renal inflammatory period. When it is higher than 186 umol/L, it means renal injury period. Once it increases to 451 umol/L or higher, patients' kidney disease is more likely to progress into kidney failure stage.

Creatinine 459.8 is so high that patients' kidneys must been damaged severely. In this case, if patients don't take prompt treatment, dialysis and kidney transplant will be their only choice.

Do patients still have other treatment options with so high creatinine level?

Yes, they do. If patients still have certain kidney function, some therapies can help save patients' kidneys and lower their high creatinine level.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is just such one therapy that shows a great superiority on treating chronic kidney disease and cleansing the polluted blood. Through increasing blood flow, improving glomerular filtration rate, stimulating the self-healing ability of impaired kidney cells and nourishing inherent kidney cells, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can rescue kidney filtering system successfully. As kidney function level rises, high creatinine 459.8 declines naturally.

If you want to try this natural remedy, you should follow doctor's guidance and take this therapy correctly. Otherwise, you may not get so great therapeutic effects.

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