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Can Dehydration Cause High Creatinine Level

Can Dehydration Cause High Creatinine LevelCreatinine is naturally produced when creatine breaks down to provide energy for muscle activity. Normally, kidneys are in charge of excreting creatinine from the body. Dehydration is one condition that causes the whole body lack of water. Can it cause high creatinine level?

What is dehydration?

Dehydration is one condition in which the body loses a large amount of water but doesn’t get supplement timely for various disorders. Common conditions that can cause dehydration include severe diarrhea, vomiting, a high level of physical activity, overwork, lack of fluid, and so on.

Will dehydration cause creatinine level to rise?

Dehydration can cause blood volume to reduce, so less blood flows into kidneys and kidneys eliminate less creatinine and other waste products from the body. As creatinine excretion amount declines, serum creatinine level increases. In severe cases, dehydration may even induce acute heart failure or kidney failure. Then, if patients miss the best chance to reverse their heart or kidney failure, they are more likely to be faced by life-threatening complications. In view of this, if patients’ high creatinine level is caused by dehydration, patients should take methods to manage their serum creatinine level timely.

In addition to dehydration, some other conditions can elevate creatinine level. For example, strenuous exercise, floated high blood pressure, kidney damage, urinary tract blockage, and so on, can induce this problem. Since so many disorders can induce high creatinine level, you should firstly detect what causes your high creatinine level. If you happen to have high creatinine level, you should firstly determine what causes your creatinine level to increase. Then, doctors can determine a correct treatment plan to lower elevated creatinine level.

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