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Diet Chart to Reduce High Urea in Blood

Diet Chart to Reduce High Urea in BloodUrea, one terminal product of protein breaking down, is discharged out of the body via kidneys. If it is higher than the normal, correct diet chart can help reduce high blood urea to some extent even though diet plan can’t replace medical therapies.

As the beginning of this article mentioned, urea is generated from protein metabolism. In clinic, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is used to reveal the levels of urea in the blood. When kidneys are unable to eliminate urea normally or some other factors cause the increase of blood urea level, the following dietary suggestions may be helpful.

1. Arrange a low-protein diet

Since urea is formed due to protein-containing foods, limiting the protein intake can help reduce the production of urea. The less urea produced, the less burden on kidneys. Generally, if patients’ blood urea level is higher than 20 mg/dl or 7.1 mmol/L, patients should restrict their protein intake to 0.6 g/kg body weight.

2. Choose high-quality protein as protein supplement

High-quality protein can provide more essential amino acids which can’t be made by the body. Also, these foods produce fewer waste products. Egg white, lean meat, milk, and fish are great source of high-quality protein, and it is better for patients with high blood urea level to guarantee at least half of their protein intake comes from high-quality protein

3. Develop a low-sodium diet

Extra sodium intake can trigger dehydration, so as to increase urea level in blood. Besides, salty foods may also induce or worsen high blood pressure and swelling. From this point, patients should stay away from too salty foods and control their sodium intake.

4. Eat more foods that can increase urea excretion amount

It is reported that cranberry, pomegranate, cucumber, bitter gourd, etc, can help stimulate the kidneys to excrete more urea. So, patients with high urea level can eat more these foods, but they should pay attention to their potassium level.

To learn a food list that can reduce high urea level in detail, leave a message below or email to We are glad to share them with you.

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