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Natural Remedies to Lower Urea 66 and Creatinine 3.4

Natural Remedies to Lower Urea 66 and Creatinine 3.4Both blood urea and creatinine levels are blood test items to reflect kidney function. Regardless of diet plan and unhealthy living habits, urea 66 and creatinine 3.4 usually shows kidneys are damaged severely.

Urea and creatinine

Urea and creatinine are end products of body metabolism. Urea is generated from protein metabolism, while creatinine is produced during muscular metabolism. Because both of these two substances are small molecular, kidneys can eliminate them from the body efficiently. Normally, the serum creatinine level ranges 0.5~1.1mg/dl for female and 0.6~1.2mg/dl for male, while blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level ranges from 9 to 20 mg/dl.

Urea 66 and creatinine 3.4

Referring to the above normal values, urea 66 and creatinine 3.4 are both quite high. Therefore, the treatment should be able to increase kidney excretion and reduce the production of urea and creatinine.

Natural remedies to lower urea 66 and creatinine 3.4

According to the above analysis, we recommend several natural remedies to help lower them.

* Limit the intake of protein

Extra protein intake especially incomplete protein can produce more urea. Therefore, kidney patients should make sure more than half of their protein intake comes from high-quality protein such as egg, fish, lean meat, milk, etc.

* Avoid creatine supplement

Creatinine is generated from creatine, so creatine supplement may increase patients’ creatinine level easily. Besides, creatinine can also be found in meat, so patients should control their intake of meat.

* Do Hot Compress Therapy

This therapy is one external application therapy that is used directly at the lower back, and it can help improve the blood flow into kidneys every minute. Therefore, kidneys can take away more waste products and toxins from the body including creatinine and urea.

* Take Foot Bath

It is one auxiliary medical therapy that can stimulate kidneys to produce more urine and prompt sweating. Urine and sweating both can take away more creatinine and urea, so as to lower creatinine 3.4 and urea 66.

In fact, there are many other natural remedies can help achieve this goal. To learn more about them, just leave a message below.

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