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Vegetables and Fruits to Reduce High Urea Level

Vegetables and Fruits to Reduce High Urea LevelUrea is the terminal product of protein decomposition, and normally, healthy kidneys are responsible for eliminating urea. However, when more than 50% of kidney function is lost, serum urea level will increase. Some vegetables and fruits can help reduce high urea level.

1. Fruits and vegetables with diuretic property

Diuretic can stimulate kidneys to produce more urine that can take away more waste products including urea. Many vegetables and fruits have this property. For example, lemon, bitter gourd, cucumber, cranberry, etc, just can help lower high urea level to some extent.

2. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidant substances

Antioxidant substances can help remove free radical, so as to protect many organs and systems from damaging. Therefore, this type of fruits and vegetables can help protect kidney functioning tissues. Vitamin C and flavonoid are common antioxidants. Red bell peppers, cabbage, cherry, berries and so on are rich in antioxidant, so they can help improve kidney function to some extent. Finally, more urea can be discharged out.

3. Fruits and vegetables are low in protein

Since urea is one waste product of protein decomposition, protein intake should be limited to lower high blood urea level. Most vegetables and fruits are low in protein, but some of them indeed contain quite a number of protein. They are avocado, peach, black fungus, dried mushroom, dried seaweed, and so on, so patients with high urea level had better limit the intake of these foods.

Fruits and vegetables with the above properties indeed can help deal with high urea level, but they are unable to replace medical therapies. That is to say, only depending on foods is far from enough to reduce high urea or BUN level. If you are suffering from elevated urea level, you should consult your doctor or doctor online to take effective treatments timely.

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