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What Foods Can Help Reduce Urea 81 and Creatinine 3.6

What Foods Can Help Reduce Urea 81 and Creatinine 3.6Urea 81 and creatinine 3.6 means kidneys are unable to filter out waste products normally. If uncontrolled effectively, they will damage various organs as well as kidneys. Some medicines can help lower high urea and creatinine level. In fact, foods can also help reduce them.

Here, we list some types of foods and drinks that can help reduce urea 81 and creatinine 3.6.

1. Foods with the diuretic property

As we know, both urea and creatinine are discharged out of the body via urine output. Foods with the diuretic property can help increase urine output, so more urea and creatinine can be eliminated from the blood. For example, cucumber and bitter gourd just have this property.

2. Foods with anti-inflammatory effect

Many kidney problems are resulted from inflammatory reactions within kidneys. Therefore, foods with anti-inflammatory effect can help inhibit inflammatory reactions and protect remaining kidney function. Then, better kidney condition can help eliminate more urea and creatinine.

3. Some herbal tea

Some herbal tea has creatinine and urea lowering property, so drinking one of these types of herbal tea is helpful to reduce urea 81 and creatinine 3.6. For example, dandelion root tea, corn silk tea and nettle leaf tea are all helpful.

4. Foods contain rich antioxidants

Antioxidant substances can help protect remaining kidney function from further damage and improve kidney function level to some extent. Therefore, patients with high creatinine and urea levels can eat more foods rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoid. Then, improved kidneys can help excrete more urea and creatinine.

The above types of foods and drinks can help deal with urea 81 and creatinine 3.6. Since we don’t list all of these foods one by one, you can consult the doctor online or leave a message below to get such a food list.

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