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How to Reduce Urea Level in the Blood Naturally

How to Reduce Urea Level in the Blood NaturallyUrea is one terminal product of protein metabolism, and BUN is used in clinic to test the urea level in the blood. Once urea level in the blood is higher than the normal, it may indicate kidney problem or other problems. Therefore, it is essential to reduce high urea level in the blood naturally and timely.

Urea, one by-product of protein, is generated from purine, which is commonly seen in some foods. Therefore, to minimize high urea level, the remedies should begin from correct food therapy.

Learn to normalize diet plan. Firstly, patients with high urea level should avoid high-purine foods such as mushroom, seafood, animal giblets, soybean, etc. Additionally, patients should also develop a low-salt and low-protein diet but take in enough high-quality protein.

After blocking the source of urea, some natural remedies that can increase the urea excretion. In view of this, the following treatments are needed.

1. Oral medicines: A lot of medicines both Chinese and western can help stimulate the kidneys to eliminate more waste products including urea and reduce the production of urea. Consult the doctor to determine which medicine is useful for you.

2. Hot Compress Therapy: Hot Compress Therapy uses two packages filled with micro-Chinese medicines and puts them in Shenshu acupoint, which is responsible for kidney location. Therefore, the medicines can help repair damaged kidney cells and increase the urea excretion. However, this therapy is only able to reduce high urea level related to kidney problem.

3. Enema therapy: This therapy can make more urea discharged out via intestinal tract and reduce the burden on kidneys. As long as more urea is excreted, high urea level will decline naturally.

All of the above treatments can help reduce high urea level in the blood, but they suit different patients. Tell the online doctor your urea level, then he can tell you which treatment is good for you.

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