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What Does 178 Blood Urea Indicate

What Does 178 Blood Urea IndicateWhat does 178 blood urea mean? Blood urea is another blood test item used commonly to reflect how well kidneys are functioning. If you happen to be tested out urea 178, you must want to its meaning and managements.

What is blood urea?

In clinic, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is often used on behalf of blood urea. Urea is one terminal product of protein metabolism, and it is generated from purine. Healthy kidneys are responsible to excrete most urea from blood, so blood urea levels in the blood can be kept in low levels (9-20 mg/dl).

What does 178 blood urea mean?

The level of urea in blood is easily affected by diet, intestinal tract bleeding, hyperthyroidism and kidney blood flow. If you can rule out the effect of first three factors on blood urea, we can determine your high blood urea is caused by less blood flow through kidneys. If not, you should find out the underlying cause firstly.

As introduced by nephrologists in Kidney Service China, we can know blood urea higher than 60 mg/dl is one indicator for uremic, also known as Stage 5 Kidney Failure. Blood urea 178 is much higher than this figure, and deposits of too much urea may cause life-threatening complications if left alone.

How to reduce high blood urea 178?

If it is caused by kidney disorder, the key to reduce so high blood urea level should be able to help or prompt damaged kidneys to eliminate more waste products. It is better to increase GFR or kidney function levels. Here, we have several treatment suggestions. If you can’t determine which one is best for you, you can consult Doctor online for free.

1. Kidney dialysis: Blood urea is one small molecular substance, so dialysis can help reduce urea in the blood obviously but fails to increase GFR level.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: In this therapy, some shattered Chinese medicines with strong activating ability and removing stasis are taken. With the help of osmotic devices, the effective ingredients can reach damaged kidney tissues and repair them directly. Once kidney function level increases, high blood urea can come down naturally.

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