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Why Would High BUN Cause A Patients To Have Nausea

Why Would High BUN Cause A Patients To Have NauseaPatients with severe kidney disease can often have nausea, and vomiting may even come in this process. In fact, a major reason of nausea is the large accumulation of blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and many patients may have this curiosity: why would high BUN cause a patient to have nausea?

Kidney has the function of excreting wastes and toxins out of our body, while the kidneys of patients with severe kidney disease can not complete their work normally, which can cause lots of wastes and toxins accumulating in blood. While urea nitrogen is a common and major harmful substance in kidney disease patient’s blood.

Why would high BUN cause a patient to have nausea?

When patients have kidney failure, large amount of urea nitrogen accumulates in patient’s blood. While urea nitrogen is a harmful substance to our body, and high level of nitrogen can stimulate the gastrointestinal system.

Besides, the changes of metabolism can cause the bacteria in gastrointestinal tract to excrete urease, which can decompose urea nitrogen and produce ammonia. Ammonia has strong irritation, and it can stimulate the mucous membrane of stomach and intestines, which can make patient have nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and even ulceration. And that is a major reason of kidney disease patient’s nausea.

How to treat this symptom?

Urea nitrogen is a major metabolic product of protein. The most direct way to relive this symptom is to restrict patient’s protein intake in their diet. The recommended protein intake for health people is about 0.8g/kg per day, and that is also suitable for patients with kidney disease. Besides, to guarantee the body need , it is necessary for patients to take high-quality protein, like fish, egg white, milk, etc.

This symptom is caused by patient’s kidney damage, so it is important for patient to choose right treatment to improve their kidney function. As we know, western medicine is good at controlling complications and symptoms, but it can do little in improving patient’s kidney function. While it is better for patients to try traditional chinese medicine, like chinese herbal medicine, micro-chinese medicine osmotherapy, which can treat disease systematically, and it aims at improving patient’s self-repairing ability to treat their disease.

While if you still have any doubt about this aspect, you can consult our online experts, and we are willing to help you.

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