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Why Steroids Are not Effective to FSGS

Why Steroids Are not Effective to FSGSQ: I am a patient who live with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. The Kidney Disease usually comes and goes. I am tired of the relapse. I am taking the Steriod medicines, such as tacrolimus, glactose, fish oil etc. However, it seems my medical condition has no big changes. Can you tell me why? PS: creatinine 220, GFR is 27

A: You know the fact, FSGS is the problem of the glomerular epithelial cells. Why your glomerular epithelial cells are damaged and what changes take place on them? This is also the root reason for your disease.

It is lies in your autoimmune system’s disorder. Because of the decrease of your natural immune system function, the cell-membrane receptor irritate the large quantity of immune complexes’ occur and deposit. So lead to the Ultra immune inflammatory reaction which causes the damage of the glomerular epithelial cells. Because of this, the Glomerular filtration barrier is damaged, its permeability increases, so large quantity of substances like protein, red blood cells are leaked out to the urine. Besides, with the further damage and the inflammatory reaction, the process of kidney fibrosis is continue, if without effective treatment, it will develops to Renal Failure within 16 years.

Knowing the above pathogenesis of FSGS, you can clearly know why your medicine like immunosuppressive agents and Steroid Therapy- tacrolimus, glactose, fish oil are not effective. Because these medication are aim at the symptoms, but not cure the root and the disease itself.

What you need is a systemic treatment--–clear the deposits, stop the Ultra immune inflammatory reaction, repair the damaged cells so as to rebuild your inherent immune system.

You said your serum creatinine level is about 220 and GFR is about 27, this degree shows your condition’s seriousness. And I think your other indexes like uric acid, urea are also high. So for your condition, a timely and comprehensive treatment is urgent.

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