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How to Prevent FSGS from Kidney Failure

How to Prevent FSGS from Kidney FailureFSGS is the for short of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis and it is one of the most common chronic renal glomerular disease, which can progresses into kidney failure eventually if left untreated. Well then, how to prevent FSGS from Kidney Failure?

Now, let’s see the progression of FSGS.

FSGS, one common primary glomerular disease, is characterized by segmental scarring of less than 50% renal glomeruli. In the early stage, most patients are asymptomatic, while about 40%-60% FSGS patients will have chronic progression into kidney failure within 5-10 years and 10%-15% will have relatively rapid illness progression and develop kidney failure even earlier. Under such a condition, patients will suffer from more and more symptoms, discomforts as well as complications.

Then, is there any way to prevent FSGS from Renal Failure?

Actually, as long as you can treat FSGS correctly as early as possible, you will have a great chance to avoid dialysis and get a better prognosis.

1. Chinese Herbal Medicine

Compared to prednisone, cyclospirine and all other hormones and cytotoxic drugs, Chinese herbal medicines are more natural and safe. They can eliminate blood stasis, promote blood circulation so as to increase blood flow to the kidneys and provide enough blood, oxygen and other nutrients for the damaged renal tissues to regenerate and revive.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a new kidney disease treatment that develops from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is an external application of herbal medicines. The treatment treating FSGS focuses on repairing damaged glomeruli and enhance kidneys cells’ self-handling ability. What’s more, the treatment has no side effects to the patients’ bodies. If you want to get the therapy, you can email to us at or leave a message below directly.

3. Diet therapy and healthy lifestyles

Aside from medical treatments, you should still have a balanced diet plan and healthy lifestyles in the daily life. Generally, the friendly-kidney diet includes low-protein diet, low-potassium diet, low-salt diet, low-phosphorus food, high vitamin food, etc. You also should have a good rest and do some moderate exercise for strengthening immune system.

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