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Side Effects of Steroids for FSGS Patients

Side Effects of Steroids for FSGS PatientsFSGS is one common primary glomerular disease and one leading cause of Nephrotic Syndrome. If patients have proteinuria, doctors may prescribe steroids which can cause some side effects easily.


These medications have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties that can inhibit the proliferation of connective tissues, lower the permeability of capillary wall and cell membrane, reduce inflammatory exudation, and prevent the formation and release of histamine and other toxic substances.

What's more, it can also prompt protein to break down into sugar, reducing the use of glucose by the body and causing blood sugar to increase easily. However, because these medicines work through weakening immune system, they can trigger some side effects in most patients.

Side effects of steroids for patients with FSGS

Long-term usage of steroids are more likely to cause moon face, muscle weakness, low potassium level in the blood, nausea, vomiting, high blood sugar level, high blood pressure, infections, osteoporosis, digestive tract ulcer, slow growth, eye problems, obesity, and so on.

Is there alternative medicine to steroids for FSGS patients?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. For FSGS patients, we have better treatment suggestion.

One is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that can remove immune complexes, regulate immune system and prompt the recovery of impaired kidney cells. Finally, FSGS can be managed very well. Further more, this therapy is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine, so patients don't need to worry about its side effects any longer.

The other one is Stem Cell Therapy that is usually used for end stage FSGS, because it can prompt the regeneration of damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. When kidney filtering structure is built, patients don't need to take steroids any more.

The most suitable treatment plan should depend on patients' illness condition. To determine which one is best for you apart from steroids, welcome to contact us online.

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