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Can Omnacortil Prevent Relapse of FSGS

Can Omnacortil Prevent Relapse of FSGS"My husband has FSGS that relapses two times, and now he is on omnacortil 30mg daily. Can this medication prevent the relapse of FSGS?" For this question, doctors from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital give the answer below.

The onset of FSGS has a close link with immune disorder, and it is usually characterized by proteinuria, swelling and high blood pressure. To prevent FSGS from worsening, doctors may prescribe prednisone that can help ease patients' symptoms effectively. However, FSGS relapses easily after remission. Then, omnacortil, another type of steroid, may be used to treat FSGS.

Just like prednisone, this medication also aims at inhibiting protein leakage and preventing inflammatory reactions from damaging residual kidney functioning tissues through weakening patients' immune system. Just because of this action mechanism, omnacortil may also cause a series of side effects easily. They are:

- Increased risk of infection and declined activity of neutrophils, mononuclear macrophage and lymphocyte

- Muscle or bone disease such as osteoporosis and aseptic osteonecrosis

- Gastrointestinal tract disorder like peptic ulcer and pancreatitis

- Cardiovascular disease: high blood pressure, fluid retention and accelerated atherosclerosis

- Skin problems: Acne, purple stripes, hairy and crisp skin

- Mental problems: Mood swings, abnormal behavior and insomnia

- Eye disease: Cataracts, glaucoma, etc

- Endocrine and metabolic disorders: Glucose tolerance decline, hyperlipidemia, obesity, diabetes, weight gain, and growth retardation, and so on.

Because many FSGS patients are afraid of so many side effects and tired of FSGS recurrence, they hope to accept a systemic therapy. With the effort of many kidney experts, they find Immunotherapy which has a great superiority on treating kidney disease related to immune disorder. This is because it can not only remove immune complexes from the body but also regulate the immune system and repair impaired kidney cells.

If you want to get rid of FSGS kidney disease completely, you can try this effective therapy.

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