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Can Rituximab Help Treat FSGS Kidney Disease

Can Rituximab Help Treat FSGS Kidney DiseaseRituximab is also named as MabThera, Zytux or Rituxan, and it has been used to deal with various diseases such as autoimmune disorders, lymphomas, leukemias, and transplant rejection. FSGS kidney disease has been reported to have an intimate link with immune disorder, so rituximab is indeed prescribed to treat FSGS in some cases.

The causes of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

The onset of FSGS has a link with many factors, among which humoral immune disorder is one common. This is the reason that immunofluorescence examination shows the deposit of C3, IgM, Ciq, IgA or IgG within kidneys. These immune complexes cause inflammatory reactions to damage inherent kidney cells, resulting in FSGS.

How does Rituximab help treat FSGS?

Rituximab belongs to a class of drugs called monoclonal antibodies. Just like immunosuppressants, this kind of drug can also help FSGS through inhibiting immune system and curbing inflammatory reactions. Therefore, it can help slow down the progression of FSGS and alleviate some FSGS symptoms such as proteinuria and swelling. However, this medication may cause host of side effects easily, and some of them must torment kidney patients severely. Besides, this drug is unable to normalize immune system and treat FSGS from the root, so it isn’t the best treatment option for these patients.

Is there any alternative medicine or therapy to rituximab for FSGS patients?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Until now, kidney experts have created one innovative treatment for FSGS patients, and it is called Immunotherapy. According to the causes of FSGS, this therapy can not only remove immune complexes but also normalize immune system and repair damaged kidney cells. After these three problems are solved effectively, patients don’t need to worry the aggravation or relapse of their kidney disease again.

If you are suffering from FSGS, don’t miss the best treatment time to regain your healthy kidney.

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