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How Does FSGS Develop and How to Treat FSGS

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis develops more rapidly, compared with other Kidney Disease, such as Polycystic Kidney Disease, Hypertensive Nephropathy, and Diabetic Nephropathy etc. How does FSGS develops and how to treat FSGS?

As for some specific treating suggestions for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, the treatment should be in accordance with the pathological mechanism.

How does FSGS develop (what is the pathological mechanism of FSGS)?

Actually, in the process of the FSGS, all kinds of inherent renal cells are injured in different levels, of which the epithelial cells can be the most miserable victims. When they are injured, they will get separated from the GBM (Glomerular Basement Membrane). This can cause the expansion of the capillary loops and the change of microaneurysm.

Then the exposed GBM can stick to Baumann capsule, while the plasma can come into the interval between the epithelial cells and Baumann capsule, which can promote the disease to affect the whole glomeruli then the renal tubules by further split and expanding. Meanwhile, in the lesion part, the secretion of the extracellular matrix increase constantly, oppressing the capillary loops and causing the segmental sclerosis of the glomeruli.

From the pathological mechanism we can see that the fundamental of the treatment for your daughter's case is to repairing the injured kidney epithelial cells, and try to restore the lost kidney function, what's more, discharging the pathological factors existing in the blood is also necessary to establish a relative clean environment for the work of renal function restore.

Usually this kind of Kidney Disease her disease is determined by the renal biopsy. However, kidney biopsy is always not the first choice for it may worsen the kidney damages. There exist some special tests for final FSGS which works as alternative choice for kidney biopsy. (If you have interests about the tests, you can email to directly. We are glad to attend to you very soon.)

In some cases, FSGS can be hereditary. If you have a family FSGS history, you are at a higher risk to develop FSGS.

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