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Is Plasma Exchange Helpful for FSGS Patients

Is Plasma Exchange Helpful for FSGS PatientsPlasma Exchange is one therapy that replaces patients’ plasma with a plasma substitute. It is often used to autoimmune disorders in which there are many antibodies and immune complexes within plasma. FSGS kidney disease is just involved in immune disorder and deposits of immune complexes. Therefore, plasma exchange can be used to manage FSGS in some aspects.


With yellow color, plasma is the fluid part of the blood, which transports blood cells, proteins and some other substances overall the body. Healthy plasma cells can guarantee the normal work of plasma, while abnormal plasma cells will make a large amount of immunoglobulin, one type of protein. These proteins can form immune complexes. Where immune complexes deposit via blood circulation, inflammatory reactions will happen and cause corresponding damage.

FSGS kidney disease

The test for FSGS patients shows immune complexes appearing in their kidneys are C3, IgM, C1q, IgA and IgG. These substances can cause the blood to become thicker than normal. As abnormal blood flows into kidneys, it can’t provide enough blood and oxygen for kidneys. Finally, scarring develops in kidneys.

How does plasma exchange help treat FSGS?

This therapy uses a cell separator to separate blood cells and plasma. Then, a healthy plasma substitute is used to replace abnormal plasma and flow back to the patient’s body with blood cells. Therefore, plasma exchange can reduce the amount of abnormal immunoglobulin in the blood largely, that is to say, FSGS can be managed and further kidney damage can be prevented.

Generally, each plasma exchange should take about two hours. During this treatment, some side effects may happen such as numbness, tingling and feeling faint. As long as patients’ plasma works normally, FSGS can be controlled.

In fact, the therapeutic effects can be strengthened with some herbal medicines which have the effects of nourishing blood and activating the self-healing system of damaged kidneys. To know what medicines are helpful for you, you can leave your latest test report to Therefore, kidney experts at Kidney Service China can tell you the answer.

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