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Other Ways to Treat FSGS Apart from Prednisone and Cellcept

Other Ways to Treat FSGS Apart from Prednisone and CellceptFSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) is one kidney disease in which scarring develops in kidney filters, also known as glomeruli. To inhibit kidney inflammatory reactions and manage patients’ symptoms, prednisone and cellcept are used commonly. However, faced by these medicines’ side effects, many patients try to find other ways to treat their FSGS.

Firstly, have an overview of FSGS kidney disease.

Clinical researches proven that FSGS kidney disease has a closed link with immune complexes such as C3, IgM and C1q. These complexes can induce inflammatory reactions in the kidneys that cause kidney scarring directly. Kidney filters are much like a sieve we might find in our kitchen. When kidney filtering system is destroyed, protein and red blood cells may leak into the urine, and fluid and sodium retains in the body, resulting in high blood pressure and swelling.

Secondly, prednisone and cellcept for FSGS patients.

Prednisone and cellcept focuses on curbing inflammatory reactions for kidneys and inhibiting protein from leaking out. Therefore, FSGS patients usually find their condition, especially swelling and proteinuria, is alleviated obviously. However, in turn, these medicines will cause many side effects like low immunity, weight gain, moon face, etc. Besides, a part of patients don’t respond to these medicines.

Finally, find out other ways to treat FSGS kidney disease.

From the above analysis, we can know the key to treat FSGS from the root should be able to cleanse immune complexes, dealing with kidney scarring and regulating immune system. According to these requirements, many kidney experts work together and form Immunotherapy.

On the first four steps, Immunotherapy can detect the location of these immune complexes and remove them completely. These four steps are immune test, immune blockage, immune tolerance and immune clearance respectively.

On the fifth step, Immunotherapy aims at repairing kidney scarring. This step is called immune protection.

On the sixth step, Immunotherapy can help regulate patients’ immune system and this step is named immune adjustment.

If you are interested about this therapy, you can learn more about it through emailing to

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