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FSGS Secondary to IgA Nephropathy: Treatment and Diet

FSGS Secondary to IgA Nephropathy: Treatment and DietAccording to causes, FSGS is divided into two types: primary FSGS and secondary FSGS, while IgA Nephropathy can present focal segmental type. From this point, IgA Nephropathy is one reason for FSGS. If you or your child has this type of FSGS, you can learn about its treatment and diet plan here.

IgA Nephropathy is one illness regarding kidney and immune system. Normally, when harmful substances, called antigens, attack the body, the immune system will produce some antibodies that can combine with antigens and form immune complexes. Then, circulatory system can eliminate immune complexes out of the body.

However, once immune system becomes abnormal, immune complexes will build up in the body. IgA Nephropathy occurs when immunoglobulin A (IgA) deposits in glomerular mesangial area. Then, these deposits can cause inflammatory reactions. When some glomeruli are involved in IgA Nephropathy, it may progress into FSGS.

How to treat FSGS secondary to IgA Nephropathy? According to its causes, we recommend Immunotherapy. With six steps, this therapy can eliminate immune complexes, normalize immune system, protect remaining kidney function and repair damaged kidney cells. Finally, patients’ kidney disease can be controlled very well. Also, it can help prevent the recurrence of FSGS and IgA Nephropathy. (If you have this problem, you can learn more about the procedure, cost, available places and therapeutic effects of Immunotherapy from doctor online. They can explain them for you in detail.)

Medical treatment indeed plays a important role in treating FSGS secondary to IgA Nephropathy. Besides, a healthy diet plan is helpful to manage this type of kidney disease.

How to develop a healthy diet plan for these patients. Since the words here are limited here, we only can recommend some general dietary requirements for kidney disease patients. To get a food list to eat and avoid, you can leave your illness description to us in the below form, so we can give you some suggestions in detail.

Some basic dietary advices for patients with FSGS secondary to IgA Nephropathy:

- Limit the intake of high-sodium foods

- Control protein intake

- Avoid saturated fatty acid

- Take in enough vitamins

- Manage the intake of potassium and phosphorus

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